The TRADEIT project is an EU funded multidisciplinary, multi-collaborative project supporting a Network of Traditional Food SMEs and Food Researchers in the areas of Collaboration, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge and Technology Transfer to increase the competitiveness and inter-regional advantage of Traditional Food Producing SMEs.

This is a unique opportunity to take part in a commercially focused four day intensive entrepreneurial training programme for those engaged in and managing Food Research. Completing the Academy will provide the participants with the knowledge to develop their entrepreneurial and innovative mind-set (and that of their Research Centres and Teams) and the skill set to deliver research outputs to the marketplace.The Academy is an applied, dynamic challenge based programme which will explore live market case studies sourced from the traditional food producers and researchers in the TRADEIT network.

Research Managers will be afforded the opportunity to evaluate their RDI portfolios to identify commercial potential, intellectual property management and routes to market, considering options such as Start-ups licencing or innovation partnerships with existing Traditional Food enterprises. The 4 day event will culminate in the awarding of the TRADEIT Traditional Research Commercialisation Award for which participants will pitch a commercialisation or innovation proposal to an expert panel using the skills and tools provided at the academy.