The overall goal of NTNU Ocean Week is to present the latest developments in ocean research and to encourage the exchange of knowledge and
information between researchers and industry. The Ocean Week is a meeting place for experts across the knowledge value chain who have common
interests in developing new knowledge and new industry.

The event is organized by NTNU’s strategic area in Ocean Science and Technology (NTNU Oceans). The strategic area includes the Arctic, the environment
and society, deep ocean operation and exploration, marine energy, aquaculture and resources. In this multidisciplinary research, the fields of ICT,
biotechnology, materials, safety and risk management provide essential knowledge and tools.
The Ocean Week brings together almost 300 participants from research, politics and industry for 65 presentations. The daily programme includes a joint morning session followed by parallel afternoon sessions. The parallel sessions reflect the focus areas of NTNU Oceans.

Dr. Michael Sandmann ILU presents poster "Benefits of aquaculture through modern algal biotechnology"