€ 4 million for competence development for SMEs in Traditional Food Industry

ILU e.V, (Institute for Food and Environmental Research) is the German Partner in the EU project TRADEIT.

TRADEIT is the synonym for traditional foods, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer. In this project, a network will be developed which is comprised of traditional food producing small and medium enterprises, academic institutions, technology transfer and entrepreneurial networkswith the goal promote innovation in the industry.

9 regional Hubs have already been established, in order to realize an ambitious program of workshops and advisory services to facilitate cooperation in the development of the traditional food industry.

The food and beverage industry is Europe's largest industry in the manufacturing sector. Small and medium-sized enterprises have here an important role in the economic development and employment. The food industry in Europe is consisted of 99.1% small and medium enterprises and from these 79% are micro-enterprises. Traditional foods are playing in every EU member state a culturally significant role and are also forming a significant economic factor.
TRADEIT is a big project with 9 participating countries. For small, traditionally oriented food companies found in all these countries is very difficult to access research and development and innovation implementation, know-how and its corresponding marketing means. The aim of TRADEIT is therefore to mediate relevant knowledge and new technologies in a practical way for these small businesses and to support  existing SME associations and networks.
Consumers place increasing importance on traditional foods with respect to the origin, the nutritional and natural attributes. Since these products are appreciated in terms of their sensory characteristics, they form a growing segment within the EU food market. TRADEIT has the aim to maximize these market opportunities together with traditional food producers.

With the aim to overcome future challenges in the traditional food production and technology development, researchers from all over Europe will have the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial mind-set through participation in  the TRADEIT Entrepreneurial Summer Academies.
The TRADEIT Consortium is an alliance of European experts in technology transfer, food processing, food safety, entrepreneurship, network management policy development, trade associations and companies. The project is focused upon supporting SMEs producing traditional  dairy, meat and bakery products. Food safety, logistics, sustainability, product development and  consumer information topics all of importance to all branches of the food industry and will be addressed by the project. The small and medium-sized enterprises have the key role in TRADEIT Project and will be provided with the opportunity to determine the important topics of the future strategic development of the food industry in Europe.


 This project is funded under the Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology Call FP7-KBBE-2013-7-Single-stage.